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National Instruments myDAQ Circuits and Electronics

Discipline: Engineering
Topic: Circuits and Electronics
Product: National Instruments myDAQ
Vendor: National Instruments
Cost: Visit the National Instruments website for purchase information
Technical requirements: Java and Flash
Accessibility info: None Available
Link to Lab:

Understand active RC filters with NI myDAQ, NI ELVIS, and Multisim

Teach superposition with NI myDAQ, Multisim, and NI LabVIEW

Description: Educators can use this platform to teach concepts such as the following:
  • Resistive, capacitive, and inductive circuits
  • AC analysis and frequency response
  • Operational amplifier and filter circuits
  • Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) circuits
Instructional materials: instructor and lab manuals available online from the National Instruments sites
Case studies: Achieve Better Business Results With NI LabVIEW