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Earth/Environmental Science

Virtual Age - Dating

This is an interactive exercise about Geologic Time. Students investigate the theory and processes of radiometric age-dating of rocks. Also included is a C-14 age-dating option for once-living materials. This lab can be used to investigate how geologists and archeologists determine the ages of rocks and ancient artifacts. A "Certificate of Completion" will be available to each student at the end of each activity.

Discipline: geoscience, geology, geomorphology, science and technology
Topics: radioactive dating and geologic time
Product: Geology Labs-Online
Vendor: California State University
Cost: Free
Technical requirements:Java and Flash
Accessibility info: None Available
Link to Lab: Virtual Dating Lab
Instructional Materials: instructor and lab manuals available online from vendor
Description: Interactive, inquiry-based simulations and exercises for college level courses in geoscience, geology, geophysics, tectonics, science and technology.
Case Studies: Designing and Implementing Virtual Courseware to Promote Inquiry-based Learning