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Students study the relationship of the structure and function of hemoglobin to the structure and function of human red blood cells. They use techniques such as gel electrophoresis, peptide sequencing, and computer modeling to study hemoglobin structure. They can investigate how mutations in hemoglobin genes affect its polypeptide sequence and relate these effects to the symptoms of individual case studies.

Discipline: genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry
Topic: genetic code, mutations
Product: Biology Labs On-Line
Vendor: Pearson Higher Education
Technical requirements: Java
Accessibility info: Pearson Accessibility Statement
Link to Lab: HemoglobinLab
Reviews: none
MERLOT Resources: personal collections
Instructional materials: instructor and lab manuals available online from vendor
Description: Series of interactive, inquiry-based simulations and exercises designed for college level biology students.
Case studies: none available