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Students learn the principles of genetic inheritance by designing matings between female and male fruit flies carrying one or more genetic mutations. This lab can be used to demonstrate genetic principles such as dominant versus recessive traits, independent assortment, sex-linked inheritance, linkage and chromosome maps, and modifications to Mendelian ratios caused by lethal mutations and epistasis.

Discipline: genetics
Topic: Mendelian genetics
Product: Biology Labs On-Line
Vendor: Pearson Higher Education
Technical requirements: Java
Accessibility info: Pearson Accessibility Statement
Link to Lab: FlyLab
Reviews: Peer review in MERLOT (5/5 stars)
MERLOT Resources: peer review, learning exercises, personal collections
Instructional materials: instructor and lab manuals available online from vendor
Description: Series of interactive, inquiry-based simulations and exercises designed for college level biology students.
Case studies: none available