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Students explore the concept of homeostasis using arterial blood pressure as an example. The interaction of variables related to heart rate, vessel radius, blood viscosity, and stroke volume can be studied by direct manipulation, or indirectly through interventions, such as hemorrhage, exercise, dehydration, shock, intravenous infusion, epinephrine, and foxglove. Nerve impulses can be monitored under the experimental conditions. Realistic case studies such as hypertension and congestive heart failure are also available for investigation.

Discipline: physiology
Topic: cardiac physiology and homeostasis
Product: Biology Labs On-Line
Vendor: Pearson Higher Education
Technical requirements: Java
Accessibility info: Pearson Accessibility Statement
Link to Lab: CardioLab
Reviews: Peer review in MERLOT (5/5 stars)
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Instructional materials: instructor and lab manuals available online from vendor
Description: Series of interactive, inquiry-based simulations and exercises designed for college level biology students.
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